Early Bird Membership Campaign

The Early Bird Membership Campaign begins September 1st and runs through November 30th. Branches can expect to receive their information packages and 2020 renewal stickers the last week of August.

Your Provincial Membership Committee is receiving requests from members who wish to renew their membership by credit card online, and to set up automatic renewal of their annual dues.

Members are now able to renew their membership online, using a credit card for payment. This must be done through the Dominion Member Service Website.

The following information should be shared with all members of your Branch.

To renew your membership online with a credit card:

  1. Log on to the Dominion Command Website –
  2. Click the “Join Us” tab.
  3. Click “Renew your membership”.
  4. Click “Create your online profile” – enter your personal information, membership number and create your personal password.
  5. Click “Register”.
  6. Click “Payment information” and follow the steps to enter your credit card information and click “Save”.
  7. Click “Renew your membership” and select the “Continue” option to complete your renewal.
  8. To set up automatic renewal, click “Membership Info” and select “Yes” from the “Auto Renewal” dropdown box.

In addition to being able to renew online using a credit card, members can now update their personal profile, change their contact information and personal preferences, at their convenience by logging on to the Member Services Website using their membership number and personal password.

Should you have questions, concerns or require assistance navigating the Member Services website….Please contact or call the Member Services Support line at 1-855-3344. Alternately, you may contact the Provincial Membership Committee or call 604-575-8840.

In Comradeship,

Val MacGregor

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